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Monday, 31 March 2014

Plastic Baby Safety Lock GC002 Adhesive Cabinet Latch

Plastic Baby Safety Lock GC002 Adhesive Cabinet Latch is produced by orginal non-toxic ABS & PP plastic, with strong adhesive tape back, longterm sevice till six years for DIY baby proofing at home.

It can lock the drawers, cabinet  & cupboards  to prevent accidence to kids like poisoning, injuries by knives or damage of precious things inside. This child safe lock is designed with pull&press flip cap, strong sticky tape  for convenient use without tools or damage to furniture, handy application in daily use. 

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Friday, 14 March 2014

6 Top Potential Hazards for Baby at Home

The home is the place you feel most at ease, but it also includes potential hazards to raise a child. Parents often underestimate their kids’ abilities and overestimate their intelligence. That cause many children die as a result of a home injury. Be aware of the top potential hazards in the home, and get them under control now. Learn the critical threats to baby safety

Small powerful magnets, if swallowed, can attract inside the body and block, twist or tear the intestines. Magnets also usually attach some tiny metals like needle pins. If you think your child has swallowed a magnet, seek medical attention immediately.
Once accidentally swallowed, they can get stuck in the esophagus and generate an electrical current that causes severe chemical burns and tissue damage. The window of opportunity for getting it out before it causes irreparable damage is two hours. If you’re even remotely concerned that your child has ingested one of the batteries, head to the emergency room immediately.
Be aware of the latest safety recalls and get dangerous products out of the home.
Never place a crib or playpen near a window blind. To prevent strangulation, use cordless blinds or install safety devices on blind cords; and install window guards or stops to prevent falls.
Kids will climb. Top-heavy furniture, TVs and stoves can tip over and crush young children. Make them all more stable by installing anchors and brackets.
Suction from a pool or spa drain can be powerful enough to trap a child or adult underwater. Inspect pools and spas for missing or broken drain covers.
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