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Friday, 27 December 2013

Baby Safety Electricity Plug Socket Cover

Baby Safety Electricity Plug Socket Cover, secure your outlet socket hole to prevent baby throwing things or inserting fingers into electricity plug socket holes. Keep baby safety from electricity shock, also water proof and dust-proof of outlet holes. Stop excessive sparks or risk of short circuit.A handy children proofing product for home safety.

Baby Safety lock for door handle knob

Baby Safety Lock for door handle knob, install to cover most door knobs and prevent baby opening door without supervision. It helps you lock the door for little children but operate normally for adults. Practical and convenient security of child proofing. Watch it and learn how to use. Offer easy security for child at home.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Baby Growth Guide 0-36 Months | Piktochart Infographic

Baby Development Guide | Piktochart Infographic Editor

This precious collection of "Baby Development Guide" for 0-36 months is the visual verson for you to learn it and keep it i for your baby or for future needs. I dare say it is really useful for #BabySafety and healthy growth.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Baby Safety Lock

Baby Safety Lock can protect your baby from hazards of reaching dangerous items in cabinet, cupboard, drawer. It also prevent finger crush by the cabinet doors.Its strong adhesive tape can easily install, no need tools, no damage to furniture. One-hand operation latch, high quality child proofing lock. Non-toxic virgin material, durable lasting.

Have you ever used this ‪#‎BabySafetyLock‬? It is very convenient when you have a curious child like to explore everywhere. Install and take it off whenever you want, durable for usage as long as 6 years!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Baby Safety Finger Pinch Guard Slideshow & Video

Baby Safety Finger Pinch Guard Slideshow & Video: TripAdvisor™ TripWow Baby Safety Finger Pinch Guard Slideshow to London. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor

Effective handy items to prevent banging door, keep baby safety, no injuries, no noise, happier home.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Essential Item for Baby Safety in Holiday

Baby safety corner cushion is to adhere at the sharp and hard corner of furniture, effectively protect kids from injuries of collision.

A friend told me his real story in childhood. When he is a little energetic kid, he hit a sharp corner of the furniture and break the forehead and got stitching. As the tender bone was injured not easy to recover, now he still has the scar pit in forehead. He  wished the corner cushion had appeared long long ago so that he should not be the victim. 

Every little baby tender and fragile. when they run and bump at home, they may hit the protrudent corner and hurt their head, eyes or body. This adhesive corner cushion is soft and flexible, able to avoid bad impact of accidents to children

It is a durable corner protector, your necessary item in holiday for‪#‎BabySafety‬ at home with children running and bumping excitedly. No injuries to kids' fragile head, eyes and body.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Tips of Using Baby Safety Door Stop

Baby safety door stop is a convenient item to stop door from slamming shut, so that it avoids finger pinch or kids shut in a room, also can effectively reduce noise by suddenly collision. This little thing is usually made of EVA foam, plain and cheap, but really useful for home safety at any door. Some people may find problems in using it. Well, let’s have a look at what the problem they have and gives you some tips to apply it well.

1.      Why it often falls off from door and not last long?

It is often due to the groove of foam door stop being too wide. You’d better test the thickness of door before you buy one. It should be a little bit narrower than the mouth of the door stop.
The feasible way for falling-off door stop is to position it on top of door nearest to the hinges, not at side. It can keep the door wide open to maximum.
2.      Is the smelly foam material toxic?
Don’t worry, it’s safe. The order comes from the chemicals the foam treated with heat and diffuses to mild day by day. If you do mind the order, you can leave it in veranda for a few days before utilization. And provide some ventilation in hot weather. But don’t expose to sun or rain, as it causes crisp. Of curse even though it is not suitable for baby chewing, because the very tiny cell in foam may be with bacteria.
3.      Why the foam door stop breaks or gets squashed?
The reason is usually because the foam material of low density, bad flexibility or too thin.
It is important that the EVA foam material is of high density and good flexibility. You can press the surface of foam door stop. Qualified items will not sink much and recover at once. A simple tip is to buy the foam door stop at about 18mm thickness.
4.      How to avoid such little handy door stop missing?
First position it at higher part of the door, no kids reaching. When you close the door and not use for some time, clip it on the door handle. Or you can hang it on a hook at the back of a door.
5.      It is too plain and stick out like the proverbial sore thumb!
There are many colors and designs for your choice. Choose the nearest color to your door, or let it sit on top to weaken its presence. Maybe a vivid animal version will give the house some lively feel. 

With these foam door stops and above tips, you will be sure of baby safety guard for tender finger and no trouble for banging doors. It is easy to use and to remove, why still hesitate? If you have other worries, please let us know to solve it for you.
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Baby safety NBR corner cushion installation

Baby safety NBR corner cushion installed at wall corners to avoid collision injuring kids, ideal protector for kids running at home.

More details Please check our home page:

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Baby Safety Lock - Little Prince Exploring Home

It is a lovely video of a little baby exploring home. For #BabySafety, need to lock the cabinets and drawers with handy latch.Baby safety lock can prevent little kids exploring cabinets and reaching small items. Toddlers are curious about everything around, be sure they are safety with small locks.
The adhesive type no need any tools, and easy operation with one hand.

More details about this home safety product and the manufacture, visit our home page at :

Monday, 9 December 2013

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Baby Safety Lock-C shape Slider Lock

Name: Baby Safety Lock, C shape Slider Lock, Children Proofing Slider Door Lock
Item No.: SL001
--This Slider Lock is ideal for baby safety to prevent curious children exploring cabinets, drawers etc.
--Applicable to all kinds of cabinets, bookcases, and other double doors.
--Special C shape design, more considerate, easy to operate with one hand, no need tape or tools.
--No damage to fragile objects or hazards of baby reaching dangerous items inside.
--Avoid hurting baby’s finger.
--Non-toxic material, durable quality.
More details please visit our home page:

Baby Safety Corner Cushion, Edge Protector Slideshow

Baby Safety Corner Cushion, Edge Protector Slideshow : TripWow Baby Safety Corner Cushion, Edge Protector Slideshow Slideshow from Guangzhou. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor
It is an amazing TripWow of Baby Safety Corner Cushion, Edge Protector Slideshow from Guangzhou.
Do you know that many choices of corner cushion and edge protectors, as well as the installation? There are flexible pads, straps for sharp corners to prectect your baby, with non-toxic NBR, PVC material, durable quality, best for home safety of toddlers.
More details about the corner cushion manufacture in China and the products, please check our page:

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Multi Purpose Latch Installation for baby safety and child proofing

Multi Purpose Latch is for #Baby_safety_latch lock installation and child proofing. It is made from PVC of non-toxic virgin material,in transparent color thus no impact of interior decor. This Multi Purpose Latch is self-adhesive with strong tape of easy installation,You can operate with one hand, practical and effective. Ideal children proofing product for innovative life.
More unique baby safety items please find at

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Baby safety finger pinch door guard

Baby safety finger pinch door guard to prevent door slamming shut and hurt fingers, reduce noise

Friday, 22 November 2013

Baby safety: Prodigy company activities

Baby safety: Prodigy company activities, household safety shows, manufacture environment

#BabySafety# Door handle cover

#BabySafety# Door handle cover for Electric-shock safeguard, prevent coldness in winter, anti-static, avoid damage to wall

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Baby Safety in Thanks Giving Day

Thanks Giving Day is coming. Your home may be kept warm, decorative and good smell of food. But be alert for fire hazards……Data from the U.S. Fire Administration, more than 4,000 fire happen each Thanksgiving Day, usually in the kitchen! The appliance to make delicious food and to light up beautiful decorations will be much attractive for kids. For a happy festival, it is very importance to secure baby safe and home safety. Even you don’t have a child of your own; babies will visit you with their parents, and some might be too energetic.

Then how to keep children away from potential hazards of fire or electricity?
1.      No access for children to kitchen, bathroom or fireplace without supervision. You can set a security gate.

2.      Lock your ovens, refrigerators and laundry machines with baby proofing latches.

3.      Cover stove button to prevent kids opening curiously.

4.      Cover outlet sockets with protectors.

5.      Fixed wires and lines in unreachable height, no decorative lights access for children.

6.      Lock your cabinets and drawers to prevent kids exploring things they interested in.

Special days usually bring little visitors, children get excited with companions, bumping and running in house. Be sure your furniture or wall angles or hard edges in house are wrapped with corner cushion / edge protectors to avoid injuries of head, eyes or body by hard sharp corners.

8.      When kids run and chase each other in different rooms, the door may slam suddenly and hurt their tender fingers or arouse much noise. You’d better have some small door stops or door guards to pin at the door for effective avoiding pinpricks.

9.      It is necessary to keep window movable in case of fire accidences, but it may bring danger for babies if they open the window and drop down from there. You should have a convenient window lock or sliding door lock to secure baby safety around the windows and sliding doors.

For these special days, it is never too more to keep home safer and better, isn’t it? Then let’s go and start the perfect preparation.