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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Baby Safety in Thanks Giving Day

Thanks Giving Day is coming. Your home may be kept warm, decorative and good smell of food. But be alert for fire hazards……Data from the U.S. Fire Administration, more than 4,000 fire happen each Thanksgiving Day, usually in the kitchen! The appliance to make delicious food and to light up beautiful decorations will be much attractive for kids. For a happy festival, it is very importance to secure baby safe and home safety. Even you don’t have a child of your own; babies will visit you with their parents, and some might be too energetic.

Then how to keep children away from potential hazards of fire or electricity?
1.      No access for children to kitchen, bathroom or fireplace without supervision. You can set a security gate.

2.      Lock your ovens, refrigerators and laundry machines with baby proofing latches.

3.      Cover stove button to prevent kids opening curiously.

4.      Cover outlet sockets with protectors.

5.      Fixed wires and lines in unreachable height, no decorative lights access for children.

6.      Lock your cabinets and drawers to prevent kids exploring things they interested in.

Special days usually bring little visitors, children get excited with companions, bumping and running in house. Be sure your furniture or wall angles or hard edges in house are wrapped with corner cushion / edge protectors to avoid injuries of head, eyes or body by hard sharp corners.

8.      When kids run and chase each other in different rooms, the door may slam suddenly and hurt their tender fingers or arouse much noise. You’d better have some small door stops or door guards to pin at the door for effective avoiding pinpricks.

9.      It is necessary to keep window movable in case of fire accidences, but it may bring danger for babies if they open the window and drop down from there. You should have a convenient window lock or sliding door lock to secure baby safety around the windows and sliding doors.

For these special days, it is never too more to keep home safer and better, isn’t it? Then let’s go and start the perfect preparation.

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