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Sunday, 12 January 2014

6 Tips for Head Injuries in Toddlers

Toddlers often get head injuries at home. Wobbly toddlers may tumble from high chairs, roll off the bed,  fall off the stairs he climbing or hit the sharp corners of furniture. Make sure to maximize baby safety measurements  and knowledge. Here is some tips parents should know for  head injuries in toddlers.

1. Don’t panic, stay calm and do the right first aids quickly.
2. Treat for child bleeding heavily: Use a clean cloth or bandage to cover the wound first press gently for several minutes.
3. Call doctor when :
     a)  A gaping cut that may require stitches.
     b)  The bleeding won't stop after five or ten minutes.
     c)  Suffered a serious blow to his head or was knocked unconscious.
     d)  The child is inconsolable and keeps crying.
     e)  The child hit head onto a hard surface.
4. Minor injuries and scratches:  Rinse with clean water, apply disinfectant or an antibacterial ointment, then cover it with a bandage.
5. Aids for a minor bump on the head and the child not too upset: An ice pack will ease discomfort and reduce inflammation. Use proper analgesics in accordance with child's age.
6. If your child has suffered a concussion:
   a)  Keep your child awake for the first hour, be sure you are of clear sense of his mental well-being before the child naps or goes to sleep
  b)  Check on the child's  skin color and breathing pattern. If he looks pale or his breathing seems irregular, rouse him gently. He's fine if he fusses and goes back to sleep. If you can’t wake him up, call the ambulance.
c)  Pay close attention to your child for the next 24 hours. Call the doctor whenever the kid exhibits irregularly.

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