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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Spring n' Release Latches for Baby Safety

Adults put medicines,  chemicals, sharp knives and other things of potential hazards in cabinets drawers etc.You possibly close them behind and leave the drawers door easy to open for children. This could be rather dangerous if you have a little kid curious of exploring around. For sake of baby safety,  there needs the effective lock  to protect children beyond your eyes.

Many people don’t like an obvious baby safety lock adhere to furniture like a sore thumb. It brings bad looking to the pretty home decor when you have so many drawers, cabinets and cupboards to lock up.
For less impact to home decor and never forget to lock up drawers with dangerous factors, there is the invisible lock of drawer for baby safety. It can be stick inside the drawer or cupboard, and lock up well automatically when you close drawer. When opening you just press the latch a little bit and then pull out drawer. This item is rather light and handy, while the strong adhesive tape will promise its long lasting service.

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