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Friday, 24 January 2014

Baby Safety Door Guard - How to Prevent Finger Pinch

Baby Safety Door Guard (PPT showing file on Slideshare)

PROBEBI manufactures baby safety products of high quality for 10 years. Door stop is essential necessary item for each home, no matter you have a little child or not.  This little door guard is only at size about 10x10cm and 18mm thick, but it is of great help of all aspects. The functions include following points:
1. Prevent finger pinch injuries to children.
2. Prevent slamming doors, barging shut doors.
3. Reduce noise of banging shut door.
4. Keep baby from accidentally locking inside a room.
5. As door stopper prevent doorknobs hitting on the walls.
It is not only the door guard to protect the child from finger pinch. Cute cartoon door guards mounted to doors also play roles of décor & teaching aids for kids. From the slideshare above, you will find we have some simple design as well as many cartoon images. There are butterfly, pig, monkey, hippo, lion, dog and many other shapes. You can even see the funny animal party organized by Probebi's EVA foam door guards. The cartoon finger pinch guards are some what like a mini funny zoo.
To use it correctly, we have some tips for you:
1. The groove mouth of a safety door guard should be only half of door thickness.
2.Position the door stop on top of door nearby the hinge to prevent falling off and keep door opening maximum.
3. Choose high flexibility door stop and recover immediately from strength press.
4. Material of big holes or un-even foam may cause break-off or getting squashed.
5. Clip the door stop on the door handle or higher place beyond children reach so that it will not missing.
For more details and specific item introduction, please visit this
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Monday, 13 January 2014

Mom Must Know--Prevent Head Injuries for Baby Safety

Do you have a little child at home? No matter how vigilant or conscientious you are, child injuries, eg a knock on the furniture edge, especially for children under 5 year old, happen anyway, the majority of head injuries occur at home.

Then, how to prevent it, especially the head injuries to kids?
There’s no 100% guaranteed means to keep your energetic baby or waddling toddler completely safe, but mom must know the basic ways to reduce the likelihood of one. These Baby safety products measurements include:
1.      Childproof, childproof, childproof!
The effective way to minimize the danger zone at home is to realize a baby safety checklist or to practice childproof program. Pay special attention to sharp corners within child’s height.

2.      Never leave your baby or toddler alone somewhere that's not fully childproofed!
Little babies intend to climb out of the crib or roll off bed, and toddlers always explore every corner in house. It is rather dangerous if they fall and hit head.

3.      Make sure the “climbable” furniture far away from window, or dangerous appliance like washing machine, etc.
This year, a tragedy happened to two children of 2~3 year old sisters drown in the washing machine due to access by climbing a stool, when one of their parents cooking and the other attracted by PC game. Take far away the “climbable” furniture even when you've placed the window guard.

4.      Don’t allow babies approach to kitchen.
Keep toddlers away from kitchen and avoid tripping off when you have hot food or water in hand. The knives and stove on the water table may cause injury when baby reaching them.  

5.      Remember to strap your baby into the stroller and high chair.
Toddlers try all means to crawl and stumble around. Falling-off usually happens in a second and you may even not able to hold him.

6.      Always keep playground safety.
Clear away the sharp and hard objects from children’s playground. Watch your toddler when he is playing outside, and stay within arm’s reach when he’s on a high surface.

7.      Be care of the play gym or swing set, cover those areas under and around it with soft materials. Or lock them in a room.   

Kid's Chair Leg Cover Anti-Foot Stepping

Cover chair legs to lessen the impact of foot stepping accidents to kids. Handy baby safety product of good effect on preventing babies/adults from injuries or avoiding damage to delicate floor. Suitable for applying on chair or table legs at home, can stop chair moving and reduce attrition, scratch and noise as well.
Made of high flexible EVA foam, and install and take off from chair legs any time.
Item No.: CP12
Material: EVA
Size: Dia.65mm
Color: Blue
Package: Polybag with header card, 4pcs/set
24sets/box, 144 sets/CTN
Carton G.W.:2.5kgs
Carton meas. 43 X 38.5 X 30CM

Sunday, 12 January 2014

6 Tips for Head Injuries in Toddlers

Toddlers often get head injuries at home. Wobbly toddlers may tumble from high chairs, roll off the bed,  fall off the stairs he climbing or hit the sharp corners of furniture. Make sure to maximize baby safety measurements  and knowledge. Here is some tips parents should know for  head injuries in toddlers.

1. Don’t panic, stay calm and do the right first aids quickly.
2. Treat for child bleeding heavily: Use a clean cloth or bandage to cover the wound first press gently for several minutes.
3. Call doctor when :
     a)  A gaping cut that may require stitches.
     b)  The bleeding won't stop after five or ten minutes.
     c)  Suffered a serious blow to his head or was knocked unconscious.
     d)  The child is inconsolable and keeps crying.
     e)  The child hit head onto a hard surface.
4. Minor injuries and scratches:  Rinse with clean water, apply disinfectant or an antibacterial ointment, then cover it with a bandage.
5. Aids for a minor bump on the head and the child not too upset: An ice pack will ease discomfort and reduce inflammation. Use proper analgesics in accordance with child's age.
6. If your child has suffered a concussion:
   a)  Keep your child awake for the first hour, be sure you are of clear sense of his mental well-being before the child naps or goes to sleep
  b)  Check on the child's  skin color and breathing pattern. If he looks pale or his breathing seems irregular, rouse him gently. He's fine if he fusses and goes back to sleep. If you can’t wake him up, call the ambulance.
c)  Pay close attention to your child for the next 24 hours. Call the doctor whenever the kid exhibits irregularly.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Baby Safety Lock: Multi-Purpose Latch for Refrigerator

Baby Safety Lock of Multi-Purpose Latch,  lock well the refrigerator cabinet, drawers, refrigerator, other electric appliance for child safety. To prevent kids optionally opening them, it is a necessary mother helper to secure children from accidental poisoning, injuries by sharp knives, crushing fingers or damaging items inside.

The strong tape applicable to all furniture without damage, excellent durable quality lasting for years. Non-toxic origin plastic material, practical and convenient for baby proof. Light plastic items for handy usage & storage, economic price makes it popular among homes with toddlers.

Spring n' Release Latches for Baby Safety

Adults put medicines,  chemicals, sharp knives and other things of potential hazards in cabinets drawers etc.You possibly close them behind and leave the drawers door easy to open for children. This could be rather dangerous if you have a little kid curious of exploring around. For sake of baby safety,  there needs the effective lock  to protect children beyond your eyes.

Many people don’t like an obvious baby safety lock adhere to furniture like a sore thumb. It brings bad looking to the pretty home decor when you have so many drawers, cabinets and cupboards to lock up.
For less impact to home decor and never forget to lock up drawers with dangerous factors, there is the invisible lock of drawer for baby safety. It can be stick inside the drawer or cupboard, and lock up well automatically when you close drawer. When opening you just press the latch a little bit and then pull out drawer. This item is rather light and handy, while the strong adhesive tape will promise its long lasting service.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Baby Safety Trend 2014

After the new year holiday, what will go in the trend of baby safety?  If you have a toddler or little kid, you should think of your new measurement for the growing child. They become smarter and more energetic to explore any environment.
Here are the summarized 5 most possible trends of baby safety in 2014. Have you ever try any one for real experience or find interests on them? What’s your most worry about child security?
1. Baby safety products and specialized services keep booming as parents raise awareness.
2.  More concerns on accidental poisoning of kids.
3.  New rules and stricter requirements of Child Safety Car Seats.
4.  More applications of child safety GPS tracking device.
5.  Greater expectation of wireless security device like environmental monitor. 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Baby Safety Lock of Cabinet Latch

Name: Baby Safety Lock, Adhesive Cabinet Latch GC001
Non-toxic virgin material, durable quality of lasting years.
Lock cabinets, cupboard, drawers to prevent baby opening, hurting fingers, reaching poisoning chemical, or damaging items inside.
With strong tape applicable to all furniture, no damage.
One hand operation, convenient and practical.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Baby Safety Lock Latch -C shape SL001

Baby Safety Lock Latch -C shape, Sliding Door Lock, Plastic Latch Lock.
To lock cabinets, cupboards, drawers, bookcases, and all double doors for child safety. Prevent baby reaching dangerous items inside, or damage to fragile objects, no finger crush.
Special C shape design, press and pull, easy to operate, no need tape or tools.
Non-toxic material, durable quality, long lasting for years, ideal for kid security

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Baby Safety Lock for Drawer Angle

Baby Safety Lock for Drawer Angle can keep cabinets, drawers securely shut, prevent kids opening and any potential hazards. With strong self-adhesive tape and no need any tools or screws. It is handy and convenient child safety products.
1) Clean surface 
2) Peel the backing paper off, and take care not to touch the adhesive.
3) Stick it on the door of the cabinet.